Gardening Trolley Set

Gardening Trolley Set
Gardening Trolley Set


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In modern times tablet and app games have risen in popularity leaving traditional creative play to the wayside. However it has been proven that creative playtime activities contribute a central role to childhood development encouraging your child to express feelings further their ability to communicate explore their problem solving abilities and even strengthen their invaluable motor skills.

Your child will revel in the ability to connect and interact with their natural environment. The trolley set's simulated plants allow an immersive playtime experience every time.

Watch as your child steps into the shoes of the home landscaper ready to tend to their garden creations. Your mini gardener will spring into character with ease with all their horticultural essentials at the ready. Whether there's a flower that needs planting with their new toy spade and water bucket or if a fresh garden bed needs raking their garden tool kit will supply them with everything they need to get the job done.

Let your child learn as they play the fun way with our interactive gardening trolley playset.

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