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Think youandrsquo;re a good liar? Call your friends out on their bullshit with this fast paced easy to play card game.

Bring entertainment and humour to the table with this ultimate party game and prepare to learn who the most convincing liars are. The rules are simple get a set of facts and decide andldquo;bullshitandrdquo; or andldquo;no bullandrdquo; then andlsquo;betandrsquo; on the outcome. can you hide the truth?

This game is for those aged 16+ for a reason. a brilliant game for a party and a perfect gift for a mate whoandrsquo;s up for a laugh. complete with 1 dice and 3 packs of cards dig out the bullshit at your next get together. andldquo;Kangaroos are left handed!andrdquo;andquot; BULLSHIT! andldquo;Fried Spiders taste like nuts!andrdquo;andquot; NO BULL!

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